A Quick Drive From Smog To Sunshine

An exclusive and family friendly horse ranch & campground nestled in the hills near Temecula, California.

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We have been members for about four years. We love the ranch. It’s close to our house. Yet you feel like your out in the country. We’ve made great friends through out the years.
We look forward to each and every getaway.

I think our favorite part is a big camp fire at night with billions of stars over head. It’s one of our favorite place to go with our two dogs and relax. We also love that’s a membership. I think we all take pride in the ranch.
We care about the horses, goats, cows and chickens. Every holiday the owners go out of there way to have pot lucks and celebrating the holidays as a campground group. So fun for young kids as well as us older old kids. Lol
A lot of shade trees, hook-ups, fish pond, swimming pool, kids playground, horseshoes and horse back riding.( bring lots of carrots for those horses) or just relax with a good book.
We have a bunk house if you want to stay in there for only $1. a night.
It’s a working ranch with lots of things to do.
Looking forward to our next trip out there.

~Char Fransz



The new rain brings greener pastures=happy horses. We have been working hard on the roads into the ranch, many of which were washed completlty out from the rain storm. However, we aren’t complaining! Rick and Jon are busy trimming trees, which is quite the daunting task. We are thankful Gary and Jean took the time to plant over 50 Cottonwood 🌲, but trimming them is quite the task. We received a new filly that we shipped all the way from South Dakota named Echo. She’s a very rare color- blue roan, and she is such a beauty. Can’t wait to see all of your families out at the ranch. We are planning bingo and cornbeef for a small St. Patty’s day celebration. More details coming soon!

We love rain ❤️

We love rain ❤️

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Halloween 2015


We hope that you were able to come out and enjoy the Halloween activities this year.  We would like to thank everyone that participated by decorating their campsites and bringing candy for the trick-or-treaters. A big thank you for those that helped out at the Haunted Barn and with the Games, you did a GREAT job!  The Halloween hayride gave everyone something to look out for! Everyone looked like they had a great time!  Thank you everyone again for all of your help! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Easter 2015 Newsletter

Sundance Family:

Easter is around the corner and the ranch has never looked so beautiful. The recent much needed rain has really brightened up the ranch, making it obvious that spring is around the corner. Easter at the ranch is Saturday, April 4th, 2015. It will start at 11:30, please don’t be late. Remember to bring your Easter egg baskets for the egg hunt. This year we are hiding over 2,000 eggs. Easter is a holiday that many people like spending with their extended family and close friends; we welcome guests out to the ranch to join you in your festivities. In addition to Easter, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Halloween are now open weekend for you to bring one guest family.

There have been many additions to the ranch. Our Sundance Store seems to be a big hit with our members. Remember that we have ice and firewood for sale, along with ice creams and a few convenience items. Thank-you to the Scottinis for splitting and stacking firewood for Jean. All the wood money collected goes to buy feed for the “old timer” horses that need specialty grain to keep them healthy for our members. We also have a permanent horseshoe pit equipped with lights which can be found by the service building. A few members are also working on sewing new curtains for the bunkhouse. We recently purchased two new goats and have the campground kids training them to walk on leashes, so don’t be alarmed if you see goats leading children through the campground 

There will be a few new things to look out for next time you are at the ranch. One of these things is the campground garden. Charlotte is planning on starting a community garden where members can plant what they would like to and share the crops. We also have had to add a large dumpster up at the office for members to throw their trash away in. In an effort to keep the coyotes and wild dogs out of the campground, we have removed the trash cans. Please take all of your trash up to the dumpster and take any larger items back home with you, so that everyone can use the dumpster. This should also help cut down on flies. Remember there are still places to recycle by the pond. Those of you who store your RVs and trailers need to make sure to update all information at the office. We have started cleaning up storage and are starting a new data system for trailers being stored, so we will need registrations on trailers. You MUST have visible stickers with member numbers that can be read.

Like always, the best part about Sundance is being able to spend time with your family in the great outdoors. Remember, if you share the blessing of Sundance with another guest family and they decide they want to become members of the ranch, you will receive six months dues as part of the member referral program. We look forward to seeing you and your family in the upcoming weeks


Your Sundance Meadows Staff

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